Eleven to Executive


According to a survey conducted by Young Living in 2015, the average hours worked per week by independent distributors broke down like this:

  • Distributors: 3 hours per week
  • Star: 8 hours per week
  • Senior Star: 9 hours per week
  • Executive: 11 hours per week

According to the survey, it's not until someone reaches Silver (earning average $2,221 per month) that the average hours per week exceeds 10-15 hours per week. At Silver or above, being a Young Living distributor feels more like a full-time job (of course, you're making plenty of money too)

Why I'm set on Executive for now

I can handle carving out 10-15 hours per week, but not much else. That's why this survey is useful (unfortunately the new Income Disclosure Statement doesn't have the average hours worked, perhaps because they haven't conducted a more recent survey)

I hope to get more into how I'm spending those 10-15 hours next week.

Stairway to Stardom


No, I'm not talking about stardom like being a rock star (or as my daughter used to say, a "rocket star") or famous actor.
I'm talking about reaching a level of sales for a business that makes essential oil products that my wife and I are passionate about.

Where I'm going with this

Lord willing, this blog will be the intro to a book called "15 hours a week to Diamond". Rolls right off your tongue, right? Okay, we'll the title is a work in progress just like me, but the gist is to write a book showing people how to get from zero to establishing a side business within a limited amount of time, such as 10-15 hours per week.

What I hope to cover

Here's what I hope to cover in future posts:

  • How to create a side-business schedule that's reasonable
  • How to prioritize and optimize your side work so you're effectively learning, creating content, serving others and marketing
  • How to use tools to speed or improve your operations
  • How to create content on the go, such as during your lunch break (like I'm doing now)
  • And how to find inspiration and resources

BTW, I mentioned that I've got limited spare time, and that includes time to blog so I'll have to wrap this up. Hopefully this was the worst post in a series of posts that will get better.

Forgot my marketing hat today


This morning was rough. I had a late night at work, and then didn't go to sleep when I should have. Still fighting the urge to watch videos about games on YouTube.

Woke up at 6 a.m., an hour later than usual. After my morning coffee and reading through Ezra 6-7, got to work on sketching out some graphics for about a half hour for a series we're planing for September.

Then went back to bed. Sat in bed until 8:30 until I pried myself back up. Then got to work on converting graphics from sketches into a Photoshop file. Researched Pinterest to discover the recommended sizes are 2:3 or 1:3.5.

After an hour, shifted into Client mode where I watched our latest Facebook live video and tried to make show notes using Facebook's note feature.

Didn't get to put on my marketing hat today though. Oops.