My DISC personality profile

Wondered what it’s like to work with me? Here’s a summary of a DISC personality profile assessment I took awhile ago from DISC stands for Driver, Influencing, Steady, and Compliant personalities.

I’m described as a “Precisionist”: careful, practical, loyal, disciplined. I seek acceptance and accuracy.

“Precisionist” strengths

  • Listening to others
  • Teamwork among peers
  • Follow-through in tasks and projects
  • Planning projects
  • Developing and improving systems
  • Orchestration

“Precisionist” challenges

  • Sometimes oversensitive to criticism
  • Slow to begin until facts are gathered
  • Dislikes change without purpose or seeing the end goal
  • Perceived as perfectionistic, critical, unresponsive

Regarding making decisions, I tend to be conferring and methodical.

I’m motivated ultimately to glorify God in my work, through recognition for dependability, approval of high quality of work, orderliness, and ability to start activities and see through to the end.

My ideal environment incorporates practical procedures and systems, neatness and orderliness, and a team atmosphere. When other team members communicate with me, I prefer they clearly define goals, procedures and my role. My leadership strengths include processing systems, detailing plans, creating concepts and relating with team members.

Where I disagree with my DISC assessment

There’s a few spots in my DISC personality assessment that I disagree with, or at least know I need work on.

  • Although I’m detail-oriented, I like to see the big picture or end goal in mind so I can look at what are the best tasks or ways to execute.
  • Nobody likes criticism, but I know I need to hear it and I prefer to “measure twice, cut once” and make sure I’m doing what my team wants.
  • In general, a “precisionist” seems to dislike change, where I like change to improve things. That includes revising, revamping and re-engineering systems and ways to make things better. What I really dislike is the “slapping on the duct tape” method where nothing gets fixed. I suppose it’s due my “precisionist” nature that I want to fix the problem and not having a sagging mess of bandages.


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