Here’s how I’m able to get the latest news on certain topics, like WordPress, Web Design, etc.

Over the years, I’ve discovered it’s easier to subscribe to RSS feeds instead of following via social media channels. Sometimes social media channels are inconsistent or overwhelming. For example, a WordPress news source may publish only on Twitter, or a Web Design blog may mix published articles with photos of cats coding.

I used to use Google Reader until they discontinued it awhile ago. Then I tried following my news sources using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but like I said, the results were inconsistent. I also tried Apple News (but I’ve experienced issues when trying to subscribe to some RSS feeds, so I’ve given up on it).

Now I use Feedly.

Feedly is a free service that allows you to subscribe to the RSS feeds of any site you want. It comes an inexpensive premium option with some bells and whistles, but you can get by with the free version.

Three ways I use Feedly

Here’s 3 things what I’m able to do with Feedly.

  • Scan through content ideas on specific topics. I don’t have to fish through cat GIFs or updates on what oatmeal somebody ate, I can scan for relevant content.
  • Share meaningful content with my social media followers. I can share straight from the app, or bookmark it to share it later.
  • Manage my feeds from desktop, tablet or phone. I’m not stuck on one device, but by feeds, viewing history and bookmarked articles stay in sync.

Do you have experience with Feedly or another news app you’d like to share? Please write about it in the comments below:

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