Fifth Day of Christmas


On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…Five golden themes!

Here’s five golden themes that won’t cost you any gold. They’re designed from folks I’ve happily purchased themes and tools from before. I’ve found they provide solid documentation on how the theme works and how it can be customized.

How do I find a good variety of free WordPress themes?

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Free themes might cost you in functionality and customization, but there’s a few places you can get good themes with plenty of bells and whistles for less than a cup of coffee:

  1. Automattic: This is the company that runs Many of their themes look sharp and come with plenty of customization features.
  2. SiteOrigin: What’s great about SiteOrigin’s themes are that they come with the Page Builder plugin which gives you more customization of your pages’ appearance.
  3. WooThemes’ Storefront: You can quickly sell things online with WooCommerce using the Storefront theme.

My main reason for choosing these sources is that they offer a good diversity of theme applications (e.g, magazine, portfolio, blog), provide good documentation, and the themes generally work out of the box without too much customization.