If you’re using the Schedule feature in WordPress, make sure your post is ready to publish before scheduling.

The Schedule feature is handy in scheduling posts to publish on specific days and times, so your audience can rely on a steady flow of content from you. Unfortunately, I tried to use the Schedule feature to plan out my posting schedule for this quarter. My posts were only outlines at this point, and I was planning to finish them before their scheduled publish date.

Today I started writing out rough drafts. I’d edit a post, write a rough draft, then hit the Update button. After updating a few posts, I noticed they weren’t in the order I originally set up. Turns out when I clicked Update, I was posting the article immediately, and sharing it on my social media accounts.


Thankfully, it took only a few minutes to change the posts to Drafts and clean up my accounts. Anyway, don’t schedule your post until it’s ready to publish.

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