If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, I want to help you improve your website with some short and sweet tips, starting with a simple question. It’s so simple, you might be tempted to discredit it, but thinking about this question will help you.

Ready? Okay, so assuming you have a website…


That’s the question. Why?

Can you answer that in less than three seconds? If not, perhaps your website currently lacks focus and could be costing you in lost sales, lower traffic, fewer followers, etc. However, if you don’t know why you have a website in the first place, it’s difficult to know if your website is off track.

3 minute homework

Take no more than three minutes to contemplate the top three or four reasons why you have a website. See if you could say those reasons out loud in a short sentence in under three seconds.

Don’t be afraid or ashamed if you end up writing “I don’t know” or “Because everyone else has one”. This homework is designed to make you think.

Speaking of questions, would you be willing to take a short survey that should take less than 30 seconds? By quickly answering these questions, I can better help you with the content I write.

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